CWRU vs. UCR for Pre-Med


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Mar 25, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
    While there are several opportunities and situations that apply to each individual, I am trying to seek out some help in narrowing down and picking one of the 2 between UCR and CWRU. I have done some research on the net and did some comparison between these 2 and came up with a few points of pros/cons. However, what i'm specifically looking for (which I couldn't find on internet sources) are any additional PROS/CONS between these 2. I appreciate any help/insights on this!

    Case Western Reserve University
    4 hospitals nearby (one being the world renowned Cleveland Clinic)
    Lots of research opportunities.
    Smaller university so not as much competition + smaller class sizes
    Easy to get desired classes
    Pre-med advising is strong
    Has a med school

    Far from home (California Resident)
    diametrically different weather
    Tuition - 50K+
    Classes are more difficult

    University of California - Riverside
    Has a med school
    Not as competitive as other universities (easier to get high grades)
    Early Assurance Program (EAP - guarantees 24 spots in UCR med school for current students/recent graduates of UCR)
    In-state tuition
    Research opportunities are plentiful

    Not as many hospitals nearby (might be challenging to obtain clinical research opportunities)
    Reputation precedes it


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    Mar 25, 2019
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      UCR! Much Cheaper and garaunteed med school spots. Lower reputation will definitely not hold you back if your application is stellar. There’s also plenty of research opportunities at UCR. Both in basic sciences and clinical.
      Thank you, @Qrtpcr . I was looking at the numbers and here is what I found about the cost. Are there chances of getting a grant or scholarship?

      UCR: $36,652 (We are still waiting on scholarship info, not sure if he will get any).
      CWRU: $67,337 (he's got $20,000/year scholarship)
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      Apr 17, 2017
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        With all due respect, I really encourage you to let your son pick which school genuinely seems like a better fit for him (especially if costs don’t end up being drastically different).

        What is his perspective and preference?

        Obviously there is a lot I don’t know about your situation, and i don’t want to make any assumptions, but also from my experience I can tell you that kids who feel controlled or heavily influenced by their parents (re: medicine) can end up encumbered and held back by these expectations.

        College is a time for experimentation (and not just in orgo lab).

        I just don’t want this kid going to a school his parents chose so that he can be maybe moderately better set up to pursue a career his parents chose.
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        Aug 24, 2012
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          The cheaper school. These schools are both very good with many opportunities.

          I don’t feel your cons for UCR are very strong. Outside of HYPSM undergrad doesn’t really matter. And clinical research isn’t super common for undergrads. The only people I know who did it had personal connections (i.e. their parents were doctors).

          Also on the prestige factor for UCR, I went to a low tier state school with little if any national prestige/recognition (UCR is about 100x more recognizable than my school). It was the best choice I made in undergrad. I had every opportunity I could ask for without having to fight tooth and nail, did well in classes, had a real good time, and got into my dream med school.
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