I realize this is a little premature, but I am interviewing for DO school right now and I am very interested in pursuing a career as a Neurologist. I was wondering if there was any DO school that was particularly strong in Neurology?

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Sorry, but I don't know of any osteo schools that are well known for neuro. Most are best known for primary care fields. However, I think most schools provide at least a decent neuro foundation during the first 2 yrs. At my school, freshman neuro was outstanding, but sophomore neuro was only so so. The biggest problem is during the clinical yrs. At least some schools do not require a neuro rotation. In fact, I was forced to turn to allopathic schools for my clinical neurology experience. The other problem involves residency. There are only 4 osteo neuro residencies, all of which are in the northeast. Fortunately, my MD collegues welcomed me with open arms and I had no problems obtaining the training I desired (matched to my first choice).:D

In general, I have no regrets and hope I haven't dissuaded you from going DO. I chose the osteopathic route for it's philosophy and also because I was interested in learning OMM (I'm very interested in pain management). The only regret I have is that the osteopathic world has not yet recognized its' potential impact in specialty fields.:(

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In general, you'll have little problems matching at a good neuro program from an osteopathic school. Neurology is a field that is pretty welcoming of DO's. There are also several DO neurologists who are leaders in their fields: (Murray Goldstein, DO---Former director of the NIH's National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke and former Director of the United Cerebral Palsy Research and Education Foundation and Michael Olek, DO---a leading MS researcher formerly at Mass General, now at UC Irvine.)