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D.O. school...In General

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by spyyder31, Dec 18, 2000.

  1. spyyder31

    spyyder31 Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    May 27, 2000
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    I know that as far as MD schools go, there is a certain rank that people (premeds and not) put schools in, regarding that schools reputation. For example, ask the common premed or professor which Med school he/she feels would be "the best to go to" and you'll here schools like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, etc. I was wondering, being completely new to the osteopathic world, is there such a thing with regards to DO schools? Are some DO schools "thought of" as being the top notch DO school? Now,I know vary well that there can be no such ranking (as many schools have their strong and weak attributes), and if there was it probably holds no weight, because the student holds the real key to a stellar education. But I do know that everybody has an "opinion", and that's all I'm asking for...just to settle my curiosity. Thanks a bunch! [​IMG]
  2. The one that always seems to strike a high note is MSUCOM.

    I'm not endorsing MSUCOM, nor will I bet a student there. That is just my observation.

    Other ones of high merit are PCOM, Kirksville, and oddly, UMDNJSOM. UMDNJSOM also has the most rigid standard for acceptance too. Highest average MCAT and GPA of matriculated students.

    What all that means I dunno.

  3. arch

    arch Member
    10+ Year Member

    Jul 17, 2000
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    I agree with the poster above. I think the DO in Mich. is top notch due to its national ranking.

    As for ranking according to the highest GPA/MCAT...I believe it could be problematic.

    For instance TUCOM in California just opened 3-4 three years ago and its GPA/MCAT averages according to the latest princeton review rankings are 3.5 and 8v,9p,10b on the MCATs. This puts the school at 2nd place in terms of the difficulty in gaining acceptance. However, is it one of the best ? The jury is still out....its too young. ...But it has potential due to its location in Northern California.

    In addition, in the next couple of years TUCOM admissions will get even tougher as hundreds of borderline Northern Californian applicants with 3.5-3.6's and low-mid 30 MCATs choose to stay in the beautiful bay area and attend a more "established" TUCOM rather than go to other states for D.O. or M.D. programs.

    TheBottom line is that MSUCOM is probably the best. But in a few years TUCOM could really be up there.
  4. trj

    trj Junior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Dec 18, 2000
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    Since you asked for an opinion, I will give you mine. I am a first year student at UNECOM. I went through the application process last year and would like to give you some insight. I didn't apply to MSUCOM, but according to USNews and World report it is probably one of the best. UNECOM was also ranked in the top 50 as well. I think that it was the only other osteopathic school listed last year.

    Regarding Touro, I really liked the interview process there. The DO that interviewed me was great. The school did seem to have a lot of potential, but at the time it wasn't for me. I wanted to go somewhere that had been established. I didn't know about the GPA thing, but that really doesn't tell you much about the school itself and how much they are going to teach you. It just tells you who they accept, which is positive too.

    I loved KCOM. They have a great OMM department. Everything about the school was impressive except for the location. I was afraid to have to drive the 3 hour trip from the airport in a snowstorm and get stuck in the middle of nowhere. So the location was not for me, but the school was excellent.

    Nova is also an excellent school, but I am not a dress code person.

    AZCOM has a great pass rate on their boards. They are new, but I have only heard good things about AZCOM.

    UHSCOM is a good school too. It is close to the airport. I felt that it didn't have a strong OMM department, but I could me wrong.

    Well, the reason that I chose UNECOM was because the students seemed really happy there and the students told me that the university really cared. It was ranked in US news and world report for the past two years. It had no dress code and the location was great. The school is near the water and the mountains (hills for all of you from the west).

    I hope this helped to answer your question. My point is this. Each school may be great for different people and the real way to judge a school is to look at everything from the student's views to location to board pass rate.

    On a final note, this is my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone.

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