Mar 8, 2016
Hello, guys! I have a quick question. I know that there are list of schools on the AAMC website that expressed their willingness to accept DACA students, but do you guys know any medical schools that actually HAS accepted DACA students before? I was wondering if there are some out there that I do not know. The ones that I already know are:

1. All UCs
2. Loyola Stritch
3. Albert Einstein (matriculated 2 last year)

If you guys happen to know some other than the ones above, it would be helpful. Thanks~~


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Jan 3, 2017
Non-Student, Medical Student (Accepted)
I would add Touro DO Harlem and SUNY Upstate. :) there are -70ish DACA students across MD and DOs which half attend Loyola 24ish.