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Jul 11, 2007
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I haven't heard much about these programs here on SDN. Is there a reason for this? Or just not the most favorable destination for a lot of applicants? I have been thinking about both of these programs. If you have any thoughts let me know.


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Jul 19, 2007
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I did interview for neurology at Uvermont. I'm a FMG and here are my 2 cents worth - the place is beautiful and the people are nice.The faculty is varied and big and they have a couple of big names who are past their prime and are living out their last few years in a nice cozy place.

The residents are mostly FMG's (should I say exclusively??), but I got the feeling they were desperate to get local grads and they were interviewing a lot of DO's as well to that end (no disrespect to DO's).

Its mostly a office based practise their and inpatient is mostly stroke and they do have a good number of MS patients.
so if you want a relaxed and laid back program this is ideal and the cost of living in Burlington is on the higher side!!!!


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Jul 10, 2008
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I did an AI in Vermont and I would respectfully disagree with the poster above. I would agree that Vermont is a beautiful place and have good faculty in place. Vermont also has a mix of FMG’s and US students- one that chose Vermont over Dartmouth.
Like most programs, their neuro consists of both clinics and inpatient. Their inpatient call schedule is brutal. They do have a “stroke attack” team to lessen the burden, but nevertheless, they work you hard. As far as I could tell, the residents were tired all the time.
I would say that UVM is an average program that would get you where you want to go. Vermont is a great place to live and tons to do if you are a out person guy/gal.


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Dec 17, 2008
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I did my med school there and an AI a few years back and I'd say UVM Neurology has great faculty but most of them unfortunately don't take enough responsibility for educational activities and improving the morale of residents. I am not sure how things have changed since, but I would really pull aside a resident and ask them about these issues prior to ranking them
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