Feb 12, 2014
Hey everyone,

I recently finished my DAT, and all my hard work paid off. First off, I want to thank everyone on SDN for their breakdown. I studied about ~4 weeks, and broke it down where I am learning for 2 weeks, then practice problems the last 2 weeks.

Materials I used:

Chad's Videos (10/10) - Week 1-2
Cliff's AP / Feral's notes - Week 1-2
DAT Bootcamp (10/10) Week 4
DAT Destroyer (9/10) Week 3
Math Destroyer (7/10) Week 4
Bio QVAULT (8/10) - Week 1-2

Biology (25) - This section was really hard, but I was able to manage to reasonably eliminate 2/4 choices. There were about 5 questions where I had to guess 50/50. I am pretty sure that I got lucky on guessing if I ended with a 25. Honestly, this section had a lot of random questions. We are so used to having biology exams that only cover one topic or subject, but this is very different. The goal is to expose yourself as much as you can! To give you an idea -- I had 3-4 questions on taxonomy, 2 questions developmental, and 1 question from lab. The rest are high yielding questions.

Chemistry (25) - This was seriously the easiest part of the exam. If you think you did bad on biology, don't let that get to your head. I barley even had any calculations, and most of the questions were really conceptual. I would go the extra mile to understand the concepts rather than just memorize. Chad's Videos will help you get a 20, but practice will get you a 23+.

Organic Chemistry (25) - Just be sure to recall your reactions. There will be several reactions, but they are wayy too simple. You won't even see anything like Michael's reaction or Tollen's Agent. However, there was one reaction that I couldn't recall. It was probably the reason why I made a 25. Chad's Videos will help you get a 20 here, but the DAT destroyer road map is beautiful for this section.

Quantitative Reasoning (21) - This section wasn't that bad. I didn't do any full math practices, but I did do math destroyer 1-5. The day before, I did all the math section from the DAT Destroyer. I am going to tell you this now, that is probably the most representative for at least the math section. Bunch of word problems, but they are like one sentence long.

Reading (22) - Didn't practice this at all. Search & Destroy all the way.

PAT (20) - I did only 3 boot camp exams because that's all I had time for.

Let me know if y'all have any questions.
Sep 14, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
hey bob, did you have "application type" biology questions on your test? Where they give you new information you likely haven't seen before, and then ask you to apply it?