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Oct 12, 2015
whats good everyone, took the test on august 18th and scored:
Pat- 23
Qr- 22
Rc- 18
Bio- 23
G Chem- 21
O chem- 20
TS- 22
AA- 21

Ive read so many breakdowns on here throughout my time studying and I saw how helpful they were. First I just wanted to thank the sdn community. It is an invaluable resource and I know i wouldn't have been able to achieve these scores without it.

The best single tip i have for anyone studying is to join a study groupme. Early on i joined a groupme of a few kids and it continually grew. I can't stress how great it was. It allows you to ask questions at anytime and see other kids struggling so you know your not alone.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Mustapha, he was an unbelievable math tutor. Using Math destroyer he was able to explain the toughest problems in the simplest of terms and was one of the biggest reasons i got a 22 in QR. If you are having trouble or just want to up your QR score give him a call. If anyone is interested you can message me and I can give you his contact information.

As far as the rest of the test, I don't really have much to say so ill keep it short.
I used chad videos, bootcamp, destroyer, and qvault, dat genius,
Most every know knows how great all of those resources are but i just want to point out specifics that might help other people.
For Chads videos i don't know if its well known but he has another website called defeat the dat which has a ton of extra practice problems on it similar to the quizzes on course saver. I loved the quizzes and it was something a lot.
I only used Qvault for bio and i personally feel it is the best resource for practice questions. Bootcamp was great but Qvaults explanations are on point.
For qr I strictly used Math destroyer. I went over the entire book twice except for test 12. If you can understand the problems you'll have no problem on the real thing.
For the pat bootcamp's generators are great which everyone knows but dat genius i think has a better angle ranking software and i personally used that more often. Also i would take advantage of the rock key generator too which came in handy.
One last thing to the people at bootcamp and dat genius, there has to be a way to have a rock keyhole generator. I had a couple rock key holes on my official and there really needs to be a better resource to practice them, I don't know to make them but if I could it would probably be the single biggest help for the pat section.

Thanks guys,



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Aug 7, 2015
Congrats! Awesome scores
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Sep 28, 2014
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Took mine the 19th and want to piggyback off this breakdown to offer comparison w/ similar score ranges. Seeing different methodologies' results might add some value for readers.
Qr- 23
Rc- 24
Bio- 20
G Chem- 23
O chem- 22
TS- 21
AA- 22

Concur with watching the world-famous Chad's videos for the chems. Scored 15 on ochem on the 2009 before watching. For gchem it mostly helped relearn 2nd semester, but this wasn't really hit hard on the DAT. A few hours of his math made for good review, given a decent math background.
Started really bad at molecular bio and physio. Khan bio series gave me a good foundation, but for the amount of time I spent on it, yields were low. I used CrashCourse on youtube to familiarize with parts of the human anatomy as needed. Looking over Kaplan was a bit basic after all this, except for maybe seeing hormones in one place. Should have used more Feralis to cover any gaps though.
The free Bootcamp practices helped with PAT (but ignore their low scores- to me this is just a scare-tactic to encourage more paid subscriptions). TFE was crucial as always- a lot of "nope...skipped" moments there. 1 rock on mine- my strategy was to quickly look at top-view hoping to get lucky, or least eliminate a wrong answer.
Didn't do much RC at all. Bought Destroyer, but didn't see a point to using it unless on a longer time-frame. With about 6 weeks study time I prioritized learning from subject overviews rather than sharpening problem-solving skills.