DAT Breakdown AA 23/TS 24/PAT 25

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Mar 19, 2014
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Never posted before but I feel obligated since this website was a very valuable when studying for the DAT. DAT breakdown in Bio/GC/OC/RC/QR/PAT/TS/AA 23/24/24/22/23/25/24/23. I started studying late June about 6 week before my exam. I studied around 4-6 hours a day with a week long vacation over the 4th of July that I did not study at all. For the chemistry sections I used Chad's videos and thought they were a great learning tool. For biology I used Cliffs AP biology and Feralis notes. I would recommend reading through Cliffs at least once and then go through Feralis a couple times and you should be set. As a note, Feralis goes into more detail on the anatomy section than Cliffs does. For QR I also used Chad's videos and for PAT

For practice tests I bought access to topscore, Datbootcamp, and the 2009 ADA DAT. For topscore I thought some of the science questions were a little too nitpicky (especially biology section) compared to the actual exam. Every practice test you take is great but I felt that topscore was not worth the money. On the 2009 DAT I scored Bio/GC/OC 24/23/18 but did not bother with the other sections. I scored an 18 on OC while simultaneously scoring 20+ on Bootcamp OC so if you do poorly in this section put a little extra time studying in, but dont worry too much. For Bootcamp I would highly highly recommend it to anyone taking the DAT. I did not write my scores down and took each test multiple times so i cannot give you my breakdown but my first attempt I was scoring 20-24 in the science section, QR, and PAT. I felt that the PAT test 6-10 were the most representative of the real DAT. On the PAT I struggled with key hole and angle ranking the most and was very comfortable with hole punch, cube counting, and pattern folding. On the bootcamp test I would say I averaged around a 22 on the practice tests (took each test once). For the RC I only took 3 practice tests improving from a 17 to a 21 but I was fortunate enough to get 2/3 readings on the DAT that I was previously familiar with. For the QR like I said above I used Chad's videos to review the concepts and then used bootcamp and topscore to reinforce the concepts usually scoring around 21-24.

Good luck to people taking the DAT in the future and I can say it is a huge relief to be done.

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Jan 8, 2013
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Interesting. You say that 6-10 tests on BC for PAT are most representative while most people say those are beyond the scope of the DAT?