DAT Destroyer & Kaplan prep materials+ADEA dental school guidebook

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Feb 13, 2009
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Hi there, I would like to sell these items before May 3, 2011.
* I recently sold the Destroyer Books*
DAT Destroyer 2010 edition: In excellent condition, some writing on the pages, but I mainly used post it notes to jot my notes and answer choices as I did the "practice questions", and some highlighting but only in the solutions section, the binding is slightly worn----$90 in total SOLD
Math Destroyer 2010 edition: In excellent condition, again, little to no writing----$45 in total SOLD
*Note: Originally bought both the DAT and Math Destroyer together for $199.95, $217.90 after shipping and handling*

Available for purchase:
Kaplan Blue Book (review notes) 2008 edition: Never used this blue book Kaplan gave me for the class because I ended up borrowing a friend's book which had useful notes in it----$15

ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools 2010 edition: In excellent condition, with some highlighting on the pages...this guidebook is EXTREMELY USEFUL, especially if your state does NOT have any state schools (ie: Massachusetts or New Hampshire)----$25

*Payments can be made via Paypal*

PM me if you are interested. I am going abroad for sometime and would like to ship out these books by May 4, 2011 the latest!

Thanks & good luck with your studies!

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