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Aug 3, 2015
  1. Pre-Dental
    Hey Everyone!

    I am currently studying for my DAT and am a bit overwhelmed with what resources to purchase....I have already completed the Chad videos and am ready to begin doing practice problems! I was going to buy DAT Destroyer and Crack the DAT. But I am feeling REALLY WEAK in ochem and QR... So I was thinking about purchasing the supplemental DAT Destroyer books for these sections....but that totals $400 dollars....

    Wondering if the general DAT destroyer book covers the QR and ochem enough or if I should bite the bullet and get the extra practice books?

    Just really confused how to move forward from here in order to be successful on my DAT! Again I am weak in ochem and QR....

    Also how would you recommend learning all the bio? Just read the free AP bio online book? & for PAT did you just do crack the dat pat? Was this enough?

    I just want this to be over...... super overwhelmed...any help would be much appreciated
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