DAT Done!!! 1/28/13 Breakdown


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Jan 4, 2013
  1. Pre-Dental
    Feels good to be done!

    Bio - 19
    Gen Chem - 21
    Organic Chem - 25
    QR - 18
    Reading Comp - 20
    Perceptual Ability - 21
    TS - 20
    AA - 21

    Total Study Time: ~4.5 to 5 weeks M-F: 8-5, Sat: Practice Test, Sun: Off Day

    Items Used:
    - Cliff's AP Bio

    I would get this for sure. I went through it 1.5 times and it really helped me touch on some material I have not had in a long time. The bio section on my DAT was very tough. I thought I would have to retake it as I was going through it as I marked about 15/40 that I felt uncomfortable with. It was very random, but that was expected.

    - Crack DAT PAT 10 Test Version (8 used)

    This is a must! I actually liked the PAT section. I enjoyed going through these and getting a break from all the science review.
    My scores on these 8 tests went like this: 18, 20, 19, 22, 26, 23, 22, 23
    That said, the perceptual ability on the actual DAT was much harder than any of those I had previously taken. The keyholes and TFEs were much harder, while all the others were on par to CDP or easier.
    This section is all about practice

    - Achiever 5 Test Version (3 Used)

    These tests are rough. They are a lot harder than the actual DAT, but will make you study like no other. If you can get through these, you will do just fine on the actual DAT. Don't take you score as what you will actually get on the real thing as mine went like this:
    Test 1, 2, 3:
    PAT-->17 , 17, 17
    QR-->19, 16, 18
    Reading-->15, 17, 17
    Bio-->13, 17, 15
    GC-->14, 14, 15
    OC-->16, 16, 14
    Total Science-->15, 16, 15
    AA-->15, 16, 16

    - 2009 ADA DAT

    Pretty good measure of how the real thing would be. I did this practice test 1 week before my real test. Here were the results:

    PAT--> 24
    QR--> 20
    Total Science-->19

    This really told me which sections to hit super hard the next week and I made the necessary changes by the time I took the test.

    - Chad's Videos

    No way you can go without getting these! The videos and the quizzes were great! If I were to only buy one thing, this would have been it!

    -Real DAT:
    Bio- was tough, random, and I felt uneasy after this section
    GC/OC- straight forward, not too many complex calculations necessary
    PAT- hardest PAT I had done as mentioned above
    QR- ran out of time, had 6 left with 45 seconds left. Wish I would have bought Math destroyer, as I hear it is good, so you may want to check that out.

    I am so relieved to be done and cannot wait to apply! It feels so good to be done, now I can turn my attention back to this semester.

    Any other questions? Feel free to ask. It is my turn to help now, as this site really helped me make it through!
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