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Jul 2, 2020
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  1. Pre-Dental
It's finally over.... I have my life back, and it feels great! I'll give a short breakdown of how I studied since I looked at probably 50 of these while I was studying.

Background, if it matters: 3.94 science gpa 3.96 overall

Materials: Bootcamp. That is all you need if you have a decent background in the sciences. Shoutout to @Ari Rezaei

Biology: I started out trying to take notes on the 120 page bootcamp bio notes, and quickly realized I was way too lazy to write out 120 pages. I read the notes 3-4 times through. The practice tests were extremely valuable for applying what you read to make sure you legitimately understand it.

Genchem: watch Mikes videos and take very thorough notes, review said notes as often as you can. Do all 10 bootcamp practice tests ( I did 1-5 separately and 6-10 as full-length tests) and learn as much as you can from them. I never scored above a 22 on any practice test and got a 30 on the real thing, which was waaay more simple.

Ochem: rinse and repeat from the genchem strategy.

PAT: Play the PAT game and do generators every day (like actually everyday). I plateaued at 20 on the full lengths and was able to score higher on the DAT. Practice is really the only key to this section.

RC: Use the bootcamp practice tests to figure out your strategy. There are a bunch of them out there so just find the one that works for you.

QR: I'm decent at math but despise it, so I just studied the bootcamp notes for it and learned how to do certain problems from the practice tests.

That's about it, just sell your soul to DAT Bootcamp for 2 months and you should be set. Sorry for any typos I finished my test and hour ago and am watching Jurassic Park/drinking Trulys.
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Aug 13, 2019
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  1. Pre-Dental
  2. Dental Student
Materials: Bootcamp. That is all you need if you have a decent background in the sciences. Shoutout to @Ari Rezaei

^I support this comment 100%. I looked at other resources and decided they were not concise enough for me. I majored in engineering so I only took the bare minimum bio and chem courses required by my dental school. I worked hard in those courses and felt comfortable with them. DAT Bootcamp provided a great way for me to review all the topics quickly in a structured format. Also gave me plenty of info to dive deep into the topics that I had never covered before.

DAT Bootcamp was the only resource I used and I performed about the same as enilaroc when I took it last spring.

Great job @enilaroc ! Good luck

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