Jul 31, 2013
I would like some advice and encouragement anything basically for the dat. I took it the first time late July. Ordered destroyer and all that jazz. I studied 2-3 hours every other day for two weeks and went on vacation before the exam. Got a 18 and 16 PAT not that great. I have a 4.0 non science gpa and 3.9 science gpa at a good school. Got two interviews this cycle and on the wait list for both. I am going to take the dat again I should do well on it. How did you guys keep going , how long did you study, and what are some tips to eliminate answers or anything on the test. I know they have breakdowns I looked at those I want responses from many people. Thanks
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Feb 25, 2012
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Use Chad. Chad is unparalleled for the Chem's. He highlights things/traps you'll see on the exam. Then practice with Destroyer. I loved Cliff's AP Bio and Craig Savage's BIO videos on Youtube. Destroyer Bio was tough, but if you understand the content and why you get things right/wrong, you're set. For PAT, start with Crack PAT and then graduate to achiever when you're in the 20s.

Gold for hole punch:
Gold for everything PAT: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/my-wicked-sick-pat-tutorial.528643/
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May 27, 2007
You had some good materials. However, looks like you just need to put a bit more time. Look at som breakdowns here in SDN, people claim that they studied every day for 4-8 hrs. I am not saying that you need to go crazy, but try to put a bit more effort into sciences and PAT.


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Mar 5, 2011
i would use chads for all chemistry, toss that destroyer for now until the end. purchase both top score and dat achiever, read apbio cliffs, and utilize crack the pat NOW. by the time ur done, u will definitly make higher. i promise. just make sure to do all the practice tests and do chads quizzes for the sciences.