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Dec 1, 2008
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$ 150 or best offer:

Up for auction is a complete DAT study kit that helped me get into dental school. Since I have been accepted I figured I would pass these on and try to start raising funds for school. The KAPLAN review materials exclusive to the class (lesson book, review notes, flash cards) are very helpful and you cannot buy them unless you take the course ($1399 at KAPLAN ). Barron's review is particularly helpful for the PAT section of the exam. The other review guides have nice practice exams. Total this would be at least a $300 value. All of the books are in good condition with some underlining, writing, and highlighting throughout, but still great materials. Good luck bidding and good luck on the test!
If you have any questions please e-mail. Reasonable offers will be accepted.

Various Dental Admission Test (DAT) Study Material. FREE SHIPPING

-Kaplan Lesson Book

-Kaplan Review Notes Book

-Kaplan Flashcards: Gen. Chem, Organic Chem, Bio, Physics (for OAT).
- Barron's How To Prepare for the DAT
- Kaplan DAT Guide 2008-2009
- Kaplan DAT 3rd edition Review Guide
- TopScore by Scholarware CD - I am not sure if you can re-install this or not. Some forums online say you can, but I am not sure. Just want to warn you.

You can visit the my eBay auction to see pictures
here .