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Dec 19, 2007
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  1. Pre-Dental
I am getting rid of my DAT material. I would like to sell it as a packaged deal for $200. I have the following.

1.) DAT Destroyer- (brand new. Never used!!! I got it the same day I found out that I was accepted)
2.) Kaplan Blue book 3rd edition (good condition-some writing and highlighting. No Cd though)
3.) Cliffs Math review for standardized tests (word problems are great. Barely used)
4.) Schuams Organic Chemistry Crash course (barely used)
5.) The Princeton Review Reading Smart (barely used)
6.) Schuams Biology outline 2nd edition (some highlighting but still very good condition)


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Sep 21, 2007
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  1. Pre-Dental
hey there would you sell me dat destroyer for 75 i will be forever great full.

iam located in brooklyn ny. where are you and how can i pay
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