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Jul 22, 2002
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Hello everyone. For those who have recently taken the DAT which topics were covered (appeared) the most on the Biology, Chemisty, O-Chem, and Quant Sections? I've taken three full-length Top Score tests and the Bio sections seems to focus heavily on Invertebrates and Taxonomy and even plants! Was that the case for the real DAT??? Was there a certain topic or form of question that was favored for the Chem and O-Chem section on the actual DAT as well?

Are there any die-hard PAT people out there who can explain aperture passing and pattern folding to me? What strategies/techniques are most helpful? I finally understand TOP-FRONT-END View!



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Jul 30, 2002
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What's the secret to top-front-end view???? I can't seem to get that. For the pattern folding...just work backwards..start at the last fold and work towards the first fold..then you'll have all the holes!!! Hope that helps.
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