DAT study materials (bootcamp, achiever, destroyer, feralis, Crack DAT PAT)

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Jun 10, 2015
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Studying ingredients:
DAT bootcamp
DAT Destroyer
Ferali's Notes
chad's videos

Crack DAT PAT Royal Flush Edition
DAT Achiever
Bolded are the ones I used that I would HIGHLY recommend

Chad's Videos
$50 for a 30 day subscription in QR, OChem, & GChem.

  • Begin studying with this.
  • If school lectures are helpful to you, Chad's the man for you.
  • Good Gen Chem and OChem review.
  • GREAT reagent table for OChem. study reagents well.
  • Bio was free. :)
  • Adequate QR review. I just went over weak spots.
Pros: Affordable. Finished reviewing everything in 30 days! His voice isn't monotone. Everything is online.

Cons: Chad's quizzes aren't representative of DAT questions.

DAT bootcamp
$160, now discounted to $117

  • 5 practice exams for each section
  • Bio:
    • Good representation of the real test. Some questions similar to the actual test!
  • GChem:
    • A LOT of estimating and juggling numbers.
    • Fairly representative
    • Good conceptual questions
  • Ochem:
    • Good practice on reagents.
    • Defined conceptual questions
  • QR:
    • Lots of word problems, good practice for the actual exam. Don't freak out on these word problems! DAT wants you to understand each question and think of the fastest method to solving them.
  • Reading
    • Wasn't a strong area for me... I ended up using my own method last minute.
    • Too many "Both are true" or "statement is true, reason is false" questions.
  • PAT:
    • Generators were SO BENEFICIAL. Use and abuse these.
    • 10 practice exams.
    • Keyholes may have been the hardest on these exams. It made you pay attention to proportions.
Pros: Good good good great questions for each section.

Cons: Not formatted like the actual test. No calculator given for Math section.. :(

DAT Destroyer
Math destroyer $100
DAT destroyer $150
Combo package $200

Math Destroyer:
  • 16 practice tests
  • Broad spectrum of questions with great explanations
  • Good practice for timing! (Quantitative Reasoning is 45 min.)
DAT Destroyer:
  • Bio
    • Helps solidify knowledge from Ferali's notes
    • Grasp concepts
  • GChem
    • Good conceptual questions
    • Good estimating practice
  • OChem
    • Reagents, reagents, reagents! Know them... (i.e. Tollens Reagent, Benedicts Test...)
    • Roadmaps are a GODSEND they basically start with one reactant and form different products with different reagents. Good practice :)
  • Math
    • Much harder than the Math Destroyer book.
Pros: Lots of conceptual questions came up on the actual DAT.
This book solidifies knowledge from Chad's videos by applying them to problems.​

Cons: Not divided up into practice tests.
Pricey..........but worth it.
This GChem section is a lot harder than the actual DAT. It isn't representative, but prepares you well!!​

Ferali's Notes

  • All of your college bio education into 70+ beautifully organized pages.
  • Basically a summary of Cliff's Notes 3rd Edition.
  • Straight memorization
  • I recommend reading Cliff's first, and Ferali's for a fresher-upper
  • Go over 2-3 times.
Pros: Has EVERYTHING you need for bio review.
Did i mention that it's FREEEEEEEE?!
Con: alll memorization. If you're not good at memorizing, read cliff's for a better understanding. Teaching other people helps, too!

Crack DAT PAT Royal Flush Edition
$200 no expiration. One laptop only!!
  • 10 PAT exams.
  • Strategy videos
  • Angle, cube, hole punch generators
Pros: Generators!!!!!
After each test, they analyze which section is your weakest.​

Cons: Much easier for keyholes. Expensiiiiiiiive.

P.S. I actually don't recommend buying this.... because DAT bootcamp has the same thing. I didn't get my money's worth from this program.
I went through 7 practice tests, did fairly well with an avg of 25, but once I hit bootcamp, it felt so different! The keyholes were MUCH more representative of the actual DAT.

Summary of CDP: don't buy it unless you're REALLY REALLY REALLY needing extra help, which I highly doubt because you all are very capable!

DAT Achiever
3 Tests= $70
5 Tests= $110
7 Tests= $140
  • Full-length practice exams with a 15-min break in between
  • Actual testing format. The program is VERY similar to how it looks forreal
  • Bio: super specific and difficult
  • GChem: lots of calculations and very difficult
  • OChem: tests your knowledge on reagents and concepts. difficult.
  • QR: pushes you for time... sorta difficult
  • Reading: very hard. lots of "both true, one true" questions
Pros: prepares you mentally and emotionally. LOL
Good time management practice​

Cons: you are guaranteed to feel very bad after each exam. I averaged about 16 for all 5 practice tests, and CRIED because my last test before my actual DAT was a 16......
But thanks to the support on SDN, I felt so much better. hehe. You will see a 2-5 point increase for your actual score.

Thanks for reading my blabble. Good luck to those who will be taking this test! It's VERY doable. Just endure it for a moment longer! YOU GOT THIS :claps::soexcited::biglove:

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