Aug 25, 2020
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Would love some feedback here as my family and non-vet friends don't really get it =)
I was accepted in-state to Davis, Colorado State (where I grew up & family there), & U Penn (love the shelter med program and am being offered a recruitment scholarship)...
Davis and Penn should be brought down to the same cost-ish. My partner's family is on the east coast and his dad has a terminal illness so would be nice for him to be close to family while I am busy with school. I want to be a mixed animal practitioner in shelter med.

Feb 11, 2021
Hey! Awesome that you have great options to choose from. I think that if the cost between your in state and upenn are close enough, then Upenn would probably be best for you since you’re already familiar with their program and you’ll be close to your partner’s family! From what you’ve said so far it just seems you have more pros for that school anyways. Congrats and good luck deciding! Hopefully I’ll be in your shoes next cycle!
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Sep 18, 2020
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  1. Pre-Veterinary
I would love some additional input on this topic. Im trying to decide between Davis (my in state) and Penn. I'm single and in my mid twenties and think living in a place like davis might make things more difficult. Finances are not an issue for me, but was hoping to gain some clarity! I am used to an urban setting and prefer that as well.
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