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Dead Man Walking--decided on ER at the end of the rope


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Nov 6, 2003
    I posted not long ago about getting interested in ER after recently starting an ER rotation. Now I'm pretty set on doing this as a career so I steadfastly cooked up a personal statement for ER, was able to use two of three LOR i already had on file, but I need a LOR for ER! I just started my third week and the director who I approached one week ago said that to get a strong LOR it would be imperative to wait after the rotation so that the LOR writer has my resident evals! i'm seeing the deadlines pass me and the programs i've contacted said they would see applications past the deadline but that it only makes it harder to get an interview.

    any suggestions?


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    Aug 13, 2002
    1. Attending Physician
      The letter usually written by EM docs is the SLOR, short for standardized letter or rec. You can view the SLOR on the SAEM website. Basically, there are set questions that your letter writer must answer. One being, what grade the applicant made on his ER rotation. Thus, nobody can write your SLOR without knowing your final grade. That being said, I wouldn't abandon all hope. Push for the department to finalize your grade quickly so you can get your final letter in by December 15th. You might not get interviews at some of the top programs, but you should get some if your PS shows a strong desire to enter the field. In addition, some programs will grant interviews before you get all of your letters in. Good Luck.
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