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    I'm currently a third year and I'm in the middle of a tough situation to make in terms of finding the right program to enhance my pharmacy experience. Currently, I just got accpeted into this program called UC LEADS. Has anyone of you heard of this? Basically, it's a TWO-year program ( it runs throughout the summer and whole school year) which students embark upon scientific research and graduate school preparation guided by individual Faculty Mentors. Scholars are provided with an excellent opportunity to explore their discipline, experience a research environment, and improve their opportunities for future study in their chosen field. Under this program, I'm choosing a project to work with someone close to the Pharm. department/pharmaceutical research. This is a very good program because it can prepare you how to write research papers and they send you around california for research conferences. The only problem I have now is.... the program is mostly geared towards students who are planning to pursue their Ph.D. I am quite curious in getting a Ph.D but I really want to go to Pharmacy School and clincally specialize in a field. I'm not sure if I should accept this program. Because it's 2 years, it'll be a big sacrifice. Would accepting this program help me or actually harm me in terms of wasting my time to get into pharmacy school. :confused:

    I've came up with two scenario

    If I choose this 2 yr. program/PROS:
    - Gain an incredible research experience
    - Over the summer: Must work 40 hrs/week ( within these hours we get free preparation workshop for grad. school, conferences, paid, etc)
    - Get a good reference from a faculty member
    - Stay in school for 5 years rather than four (during this fifth year, I can pick up extra volunteering pharmacy exp. at a hospital and have extra time to study for PCAT while also doing research for them.)
    - Stand out from the crowd

    If I don't choose this 2 yr. program/CONS:

    - Can instead work as a pharmacy clerk + hospital work
    - more time over the summer to take classes
    - Geared towards students going to grad. school

    What do you think I should do? I'm so frustrated now because midterms are also comming up next week. I just feel like I'm using the program to get the experience and not because I am passionate for pursuing a Ph.D. My heart lies towards Pharmacy more. I know I'm worrying too much, but I just can't seem to find the answer myself! I need an opinion from an outside person. Thank you so much for your time! :love:
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