Default Issue with Canadian Credits to Semester Hours AACOMAS

Jul 31, 2011
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hey everyone,

Really hoping someone can help me here. I did my undergrad at York University which uses a system of 3 credits for a 1 semester course (half year) and 6 credits for a 2 semester course (Full year). Those of you applying to AACOMAS know that they transfer these to 3 and 6 semester hours respectfully and 4 and 8 hours respectfully if they have a lab component.

I did everything as I was supposed to on the application, inputted values as seen on my transcript and included "with lab" in the course names for those that had lab components.

Upon AACOMAS verification, they refused to transfer any course to 4 or 8 semester hours. Oddly enough even a signed and notarized letter from the university stating that these courses did indeed have lab components wouldn't be suffice for them to change their values. What do I do?