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Jul 12, 2002
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can someone give me some advice. This is totally my fault but my student loans are currently in default. I started paying for school out of my own pocket and thought as long as i was in school i did not have to start paying on my loans, i did not know i could do an in school deferrment. Long story short they want to garnish my wages. They gave me optionsof rehabilitation of my loan which is what i want to do but the amount they want me to pay are way above my means. I don't want them to think i do not want to pay because i do but they are asking for 500 a month, 300, 200 and i am currently trying to get into med school, only work PT and am not able to accept those arrangements. I told them what i am able to do but its not good enough. I told them all about my financial status to no avial. I do not want them to garnish my wages and wanted to know if anyone knows what i can do to avoid this. I figure something is better than nothing so if i at least make the effort to pay, can they do this?
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