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Mar 23, 2019
    you’re a co-PI? Unless you have an R01 I’d say it’s 50/50, consider masters program
    What is a R01? I started conducting research at a medical school, and asked my PI about starting a project and she made me co-PI in the paperwork for the study and lets me data analysis at my leisure cause I have completing minor in data analysis


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  • Jul 14, 2005
      Do you think the lack of shadowing hours would be hurtful? I have heard people say you need at least 100

      Did you shadow a primary care doc? If so 50 hours is probably enough. It’s your clinical experience that’s lacking. Are you applying with Only 90 hours . Will your extra 30-40 hours be projections or will you have them completed by the time you submit your application? Even if you have 130 hours that’s low.
      What exactly did you do to amass 700-900 nonclinical volunteering hours?
      I don’t know anything about Texas application process so you might have enough for them.


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    • Oct 14, 2011
      1. Academic Administration
        1) Back to the above question: how are you a co-PI?
        2) You have met minimum expectations with shadowing and may be a little short on clinical volunteering.
        3) Specifics on your "leadership" hours versus "non-clinical volunteering"/community service hours?

        Agreeing with @Faha on in-state applications for MD and DO.
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