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Dental Assistant Needed In Dallas,tx


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Aug 27, 2006
    A community dental clinic is desperately looking for a dental assistant.
    Foreign trained dentists, trained dental assistant or anyone willing to learn fast is welcome to apply.
    Please contact Shaista at 972 245 1200.


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    Jan 24, 2007
    1. Non-Student
      Hi I am a foreign Trained Dentist with a work permit.I would love to work as a assistant.Please let me know whether your offer is still open.My number is 972 506 7489.


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      Dec 11, 2008
      1. Dentist
        Hi .I am very much interested in doing Dental assistant job in Dallas.At present I am staying in Sherman.I am a foreign trained Dentist with specialist degree in operative dentistry and Endodontics.I am preparing for NBDE part I exam,hence I am free at the moment.If you are interested in hiring me, please send me email in this add ,[email protected]
        Thank you.You can call my number too 9033276224.
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        Nov 16, 2014
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          Do NOT go to Smiley Dental if you have other options. I repeat, DO NOT GO THERE! Seriously, I rarely write reviews so you can only imagine how horrid my experience is for me. I've come here twice - both times to remove my wisdom teeth. The first time around, the staff mistook the set of wisdom teeth that I needed extracted, seconds after telling them about it. Request for information was met with indignation, as if my desire to know about my own teeth was bothersome. The surgeon was generally okay although the dental assistants seemed more concerned with doing the most minimal work at the expense of my comfort. After she accidentally sprayed an amount of blood and spit in my face while moving the equipment around, she ignored the mess and only after incessantly motioning for her to wipe it did she do so, while maintaining a look of disgust, as if I was to blame for her shoddy, uninterested work.
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