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Dental assistant wanted in Chicagoland area


New Member
10+ Year Member
Jul 14, 2008
  1. Pre-Dental
Hey guys, I am starting school in january and my boss is looking for a new dental assistant. The practice is in Wilmette, illinois. here is the posting from the Owner:

Dental Assistant wanted for Advanced Dental Practice (Periodontist, Prosthodontist and Endodontist). Part-time flexible hours. Need help 20 to 30 hours per week, most Saturdays and some evenings. Minimum two years of prior experience. Some receptionist duties required. SoftDent Dental Software used on PC. Doctors planning to incorporate software for taking digital x-rays. Chairside assisting for dental surgeries and implants. Expanded function dental assistant would be greatly appreciated for taking xrays, alginate impressions, making models and temps. Must have desire to learn and have positive attitude.

Paying $12 to $20 dollars per hour, depending on experience and aptitude to learn. Dental Students, Dental Hygiene Students welcomed.

Please send resume by fax, regular mail or email:
921 Ridge Road
Wilmette,IL 60091
(847)-251-8072 offcie
(847)-251-8073 fax

Dr. Kathy Jean <[email protected]> or kathyhje[email protected]
Dr. Damian Lee<[email protected]>,

From my personal experience......It is a great practice. Not fast paced and therefore a nice atmosphere. Very friendly co-workers and a valuable learning experience for potential dental students or international dentists.

Thanks guys. you can also get in touch with me if you need any more info.
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