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Jun 12, 2002
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I have a big time problem. My AADSAS application is going out in the second batch and this morning I reviewed my file. In the Additional Information section where it asks if you have any experience in a dental office or experience in a dental, clinical, hospital, or lab setting all I put was my hospital lab experience working with blood and other fluid samples. I totally misunderstood the question thinking it was asking for any WORK and only work experience in these fields. Since the hospital is the only place that I actually worked at and not just volunteered or shadowed, that is all I put. DOOUUHH!!
So I was thinking this morning (of course when it is to late) how are they going to know about my dental experience other than what I typed in my personal essay? I have some pretty decent experience that I want the adcoms to see. I have spent 40+ hours in each of two dental offices, with one dentist allowing some hands-on-experience and I also spent 10 days working over 80 hours in Guatemala this past February with a medical/dental mission called DoCare International. These are things I want the adcoms to see? Any advice out there on what to do?
I was thinking if AADSAS won't allow me to update my file (they don't, I called) then I would type up a letter to each school that I am applying to and send it to them with hopes that the adcoms will read it together with my application. Will that work or am I SOL?
If anybody has any information or have experienced anything like this please let me know if there is a better way to go about this!
Thank You!


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Jul 24, 2002
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I wouldn't worry about it, especially since an application is basically a synopsis that isn't supposed to be very detailed anyway.

You will get a chance to elaborate on your exposure to the field-- During the interview. Make sure it goes well, and good luck!
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