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Aug 30, 2001
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is it worth it to join a dental fraternity? will I be out of the loop, at a disadvantage if I don't? am I going to have to eat a raw whole cow liver, walk down a busy street with nothing on but a hankerchief, or be the servant boy for some "elder" brother, in order to be initiated and accepted?


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Feb 2, 2002
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It doesn't seem like it will necessarily be a disadvantage. I joined Alpha Omega during my sophomore year and didn't have to do any silly initiation rituals like swallowing live goldfish. All it took is writing a check for $100 and I was in. I think it will be good for after graduation when I try to move somewhere new and I don't know anyone in the dental community. At least I could send an e-mail to the members in the area and let them know about a newcomer to the area and hope someone takes me under their wing. Also, they offer 2 week internships during the summer where all you do is meet member dentists in the area of your choice. A student at my school did it and said it was a really good experience, so I may consider that next summer. As to which fraternity you join, I think it depends on the personalities of the frats at your school. Between DSD and AO, I just thought I interacted better with the AO people at my school. I've also met a lot of upperclassmen I wouldn't normally see and got to know them better through AO.

Is it worth it? If you have the cash, then sure, why not? It doesn't hurt to be a member.


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Dec 12, 2001
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We have Psi Omega (Psi O) and Alpha Omega (AO) here at Nova Southeastern University. In my opinion the benefits of joining a professional dental fraternity are:

1) Interaction with upper classmen
2) Future networking
3) If you want to specialize (networking purposes)
4) Get involved in more organized clubs to get more out of your dental education (more you put in, the more you'll get out)
5) social functions
6) Upper classmen experiences/advice
7) Old exams/notes
8) inexpensive (unlike undergraduate fraternities)

I'm not sure which one I'll join yet, but I was gun-ho about Psi Omega because I've interacted with two different Psi O chapters at U of MN and Marquette U so I knew about Psi Os. AOs on my campus are extremely cool and they seem to be more academically orientated. I'm really torned at this time, but I look forward to joining one within the weeks to come.

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