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Feb 14, 2004
    hi guys
    i would like to know some informations about dental public it the same as community dentistry?what is this master in public health.?is there any scope (in making money for living)? how hard is to get into the programs? are there any websites which help in this matter? i am not sure this topic is all ready discussed in the forum it a completely non clinical specialty?is there any scope for research in this field?
    guys, please discuss these questions in the forum


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    Apr 18, 2003
      I know there is an dental public health association in the US, but I don't remember neither the exact name nor the website, but you can Google it if you want.

      As for work, I guess you could find work in the academic area, goverment institutions, international health organizations, such as the WHO, etc.

      Do a search on the dental forum, maybe you could get more info there.


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      Feb 22, 2004
        Doing DPH would be good if you do not have any plans of getting into a dental school.
        DPH people do have positions like researchers and like. It depends on your likes...if you like clinical practice better to get a DMD. But if you like working with groups and interested in related research, you might be on the right path.
        You can give a Google search to find out more.
        Hope this helps
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