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I hope this is the correct dental sub-forum to post in, if not please re-direct me. I tried to do a search and I couldn't find a definite answer, but my question is, are dental therapists allowed to take/participate in CE courses that other GP's would attend? Also what are you practicing dentists and residents are seeing more and more become the trend/norm for dental therapists utilization in the field? Is their use/employment becoming more common? in what environments?

-Thank you all for you input on the matter.

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I mean if dental therapists (DT's) can take CE courses that otherwise any practicing dentist would take, what stops them from eventually spreading in all states and the unsupervised model (because they can legit do the work) becoming more prominent? I've heard some argue that their practice (DT's practice) will not flourish because they have not proven to be more cost effective, but I seriously doubt that. I mean sure overhead $$$ could be the same for both DT's and dentists, however they've invested less $$$ in education so they can certainly be ok with earning less hence charging less for their services. I am not trying to cause any commotion, just genuinely interested in what residents and practicing dentists are seeing/hearing and their opinions on the matter. Thanks a bunch for any feedback.
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If a general dentist takes a medical CE course in advances in orthopedic hip replacements, it does not make him/her qualified or legally able to perform hip replacements.

Likewise, a DT attending a CE course on anything in dentistry does not make them qualified and (specific to their purpose) legally able to perform such procedures.

DT's are not going to replace dentists little padwa. Dont worry ;)
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Yes they can. "Within their scope of practice" though...
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Haha, alright I think I get the picture, thanks again guys for the feedback. :horns: