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Dentist License without SSN


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Aug 17, 2003
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Is it possible to get a Dentist License in any state without a SSN ? :confused:

I looked at the California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Dentist Licensure applications, and they need a SSN.

I have to convert into H1 status to get an SSN, and to get a H1, I need a Dental License - :mad: :mad:

Any way out ? Please share your experience/knowledge...

Thanks !


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Apr 15, 2006
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I dont think student visa itself will give you a SSN. If you are employed on campus as a student, only then will you get a SSN. The condition now for SSN is if you are going to be employed somewhere, only then can you get a SSN otherwise Not.

Hope this helps.

or u can get student visa, so u will have ssn!! :thumbup:


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Feb 7, 2007
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After the problem in NYC, the US goverment decided to get tought with regulations like SSN and driver's licence.
To get a SSN is very hard. You can get it with a visa B1, but be carefull because this visa states that you can work on campus, and that you MUST return to your country after completing your studies.
The easiest way is to try to get a sponsor, and get a working visa, and that way you will get a SSN. But i do not think this would help you with the exam, unless you work for the university, and get a WORKING VISA from them.
US goverment onlygive SSN to the people that can work, and students, except B1 visa, are not allowed to work...
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