Dentist still hasn't submitted his letter of recommendation.



So around the beginning of August I asked a dentist I have been shadowing (30hrs) for a letter of recommendation. He said "sure". On August 20th, about two weeks ago, I received an email asking me if he was supposed to fill out a specific form or write a short letter. I replied and let him know that there was no form and I just needed a letter which is typically 3/4 to 1 page in length. I also offered some help in uploading it to Interfolio. The deadline that I set for the letter was Sept 1st.

I still haven't received the letter from him. What should I do? I was thinking about sending him an email, but I don't know if he is responsive to email. I don't want to just show up to his office when he might be busy and become intrusive. I'm not sure how to approach this without being pushy or annoying. What should I do guys?


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Jun 5, 2015
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Did the dentist respond and acknowledge the reply you sent him 2 weeks ago?

I would assume if he reached out to you via email a few weeks ago, he's the type to check his email fairly regularly. If I were in your position, I'd wait until midday tomorrow, and if by then haven't received an update or the LOR, I'd send him a quick reminder through email.

When I was requesting LORs from professors, my reminder email went something like...

Hi Dr. X

I just wanted to send you a quick reminder regarding the letter of recommendation.

It's been a few weeks since we've discussed the letter, so I wanted to include a few details in case it helps...etc. (You can include some personal history you find relevant, things that you may like for them to touch up on "if possible, could the letter touch up on aspects such as..." (30 hours isn't a significant amount of time, so perhaps these details could help him make the letter more personal).

If you need additional information or documents, please let me know!

**Remind him that you'd be happy to process the Interfolio portion for him.

**Remind him of the deadline again "I'm planning to submit my application if the letter could be submitted by....that would be great"

Something along those lines might work?

I wouldn't hesitate to contact him through email. If he doesn't respond, maybe a phone call or an in person visit would be appropriate.


Alright guys I just noticed on interolio when I click on the request for the dentist it shows a different name.
For example on lets say his name is Dr. John Doe.
When I click on the request on interolio it says letter for dental school by Chris Doe, not received.

Wtf. I know I entered his name in right.


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Dec 16, 2014
Just call up the office, and be like.. "Yo man, where's my letter?" Then he'll be like, 'oh yeah I forgot, thanks for the reminder'.
This is basically what i did, but through an email and he did it the next night.