dentistry and you-know-what

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Dec 16, 2003
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I actually searched online for articles on dentist suicide rates(nerdy, yes but ridiculous, no since I am a future dentist)....I read a really interesting report on it by the ADA that said dentists having the #1 suicide rate is kind of b.s....there have not been enough studies with large enough sample sizes to reach any conclusions (especially since suicides are mysterious sometimes and not always ruled as such)...the healthcare professions are stressful of course, and the suicide rate is pretty much equal across the board with respect to physicians, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists, etc. (as far as I can remember the rate isn't that much higher than the rest of the population). I will post the link on this thread if I can find it again.

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if you do a search here on the subject, I'm sure you will find more info agreeing and disagreeing than you would ever like to know