Dermatology and Private Equity. IS RadOnc next?

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Mar 8, 2016
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I guess if hospitals wanted to farm out their rad onc departments for whatever reason professionally and technically. My guess is PE really hasn't made a huge splash in RO is because the start-up costs and regulatory agencies necessary to operate and profitably run a practice are much more challenging than say Dermatology, Anesthesia, or EM etc. There are a ton more of these practitioners out there with a ton more patients that require their services. Most of the freestanding groups either folded outright, bought by health system, or acquired by vantage, 21C etc. There aren't that many independent practices still in existence so not sure that its nearly as attractive as other specialties. That being said they seem really interested in proton therapy...I think in TN VMC may have a joint venture going with Provision HC to build their proton center. I guess thats really where PE thinks the money is going to be until of course CMS or commercial payers reduce the fees and they get bought by KKR and suck whatever is left out of it and leave it for dead. In RO, I dont think it really is going to change anything. you a cog in the (fill in the blank...heath system or PE firm) no matter what o who care whose writing the checks.
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