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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by bf, Apr 1, 2001.

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    Hi everyone!

    I am a senior in college and I am trying to choose between several med schools that I have been accepted to. Between Pittsburgh, Mt. Sinai, and NYU, which one would you recommend that I attend if I were to apply for dermatology residency programs?

    Thank you for your input!
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    I'm not sure about derm, and they're ALL good schools, but I'd definately go with Mt. Sinai.

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  3. Either:

    1) the one that will give you the best education and preparation to do well on USMLEs (although the major onus is on you)

    2) the one that has the best known Derm department with well-known faculty who will encourage you and recommend you to other departments around the country

    It is not likely to make a significant difference which one of these 3 schools you choose as long as you do well, get good recs and kick a%% on 4th year electives in Derm.
    Pick the school at which you will emotionally and physically thrive.

    Best of luck.
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    NYU has a well respected Dermatology Residency.
  5. zb


    As I'm sure you know, Derm is SUPER competitive (even people from great schools don't match) -- one thing I've always heard is that you have to start doing research early on in med school (so that you can make connections, get published, etc.).

    Given that, I would think NYU and Pittsburgh have a slight edge over Mt. Sinai because they are more research oriented places. (Mt. Sinai is more geared towards clinical excellence.)

    Between NYU and Pittsburgh ... not sure there. Take either of kimberlicox's two routes for that arm of the decision tree.

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