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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by KWBum, Oct 15, 2000.

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    Hope you all can address this.

    How is the OMM at Des Moines?

    My DO sources are unfamiliar with that school. But, they are under the impression that at one point OMM was not so strong there. In any event, they simply had not heard anything recently about the school and what, if any, focus they placed on osteopathic principles and techniques.

    How is it now? How is it in general? What can one expect there?


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    I am a first year at DMU. We are told that DMU is known for strong OMM skills. 3rd or 4th years that are on rotations say that they feel they have more experience with OMM as compared to other students they rotate with.... I can not speak to the training myself yet, as I am just in the first semester of it. We do have OMM lecture ~1.5-2 hours a week, + a 1.5 hour lab every week. I don't know how that time committment compares to other schools.

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    OMM is very strong in Des Moines. We're told that in the past, our school has scored extremely high on this section of the boards, and the highest amoungst any school for the last two years.

    Perhaps more important however is that the quality of teaching is excellent. Students in my class are generally excited about using OMM in practice. By the end of our first year, we were able to give a full body treatment. We have opportunities to treat at many of the local running events, and as a first year I was treating patients with OMM in a local hospital. I think the training we get in Des Moines is excellent.

    Good luck,


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