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Nov 6, 2013
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    This may sound silly but I have no idea how to even start an essay that asks to describe yourself. Am I the only one? I can't imagine I'm the only one that has issues writing about themselves in that manner. Any advice?


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    Mar 7, 2014
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      what is one thing or theme of your life you want people to know you by? center your essay around that and tell how that came to be.

      i.e. You may want someone to know of your interest in sports and how that translate to your life. how you came to like sports, how has sports defined you, what you plan on doing to integrate sports with medicine...etc


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      Jul 20, 2014
        You can start with astrology or personality test. XD

        On a serious note, check this list.
        For each one, think about whether you have any life experiences that support any of the qualities. . . then make a list.

        From there, narrow it down to the ones that have any pertinence to the medical field or ones that are important to you.
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        Mar 8, 2015
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          "Blank! The sound of my mind as I try to think about how to start my essay. I reminisce to all the times that my grandmothers had all died and then I realized I wanted to become a doctor."
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          Jun 16, 2015
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            I had a similar essay question..

            I definitely would focus on something not covered in your PS, primary app, or other parts of the secondary app. Pick something unique about you and use it to describe parts of you. Pick an experience, aspect of your life, something you value, etc. and work off that.

            For mine I talked a little bit about how my family was important to me. This transitioned into how I came to learn about caring for other people, building relationships and that transitioned into why I wanted to be a doctor.

            good luck
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