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Jan 29, 2010
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  1. Pre-Dental
Designs For Vision: LED DayLite Mini with Composite Filter for sale

It sells for about $800-900 I am willing to sell for $420 OBO!

Let me know if you are interested.




Light Intensity at 13 inches --- 0 - 4,400 footcandles ADJUSTABLE
Light Temperature --- 5800° K
Battery Type --- Lithium Ion (2 supplied)
Battery Run Time --- 7 Hours per pack
Recharge Time --- 3 Hours

Designed for Dentistry, the LED DayLite™ Mini is the brightest mini LED, providing hours of bright white light in maximum comfort. The orange filter allows the light to be used without curing light sensitive materials.

Lightweight Mini LED Optics
clip onto your telescopes or glasses – no headset.

Patented Design
provides an ADJUSTABLE 0 - 4,400 footcandles of Bright WHITE (5800° K) light.

Untethered Illumination
providing you with full mobility from operatory to operatory. No light source, no bulbs or fiber optic cables to replace.

Two Lithium Ion
Rechargeable Battery Packs Charge one while using the other. Each battery pack lasts 7 hours at maximum intensity.

Blue Cable™ Shielded
for your Protection
from electromagnetic current and contains a Tellurium Copper Alloy Heat Sink to provide a cooler, longer lasting LED.
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