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Jun 3, 2004
Hey all, I am starting medical school in the fall and I have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what plans/carriers to look into for health insurance. Thanks


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Mar 13, 2004
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Your school should offer you good health insurance that will cover most of your supplies. Whatever you do, READ the policy carefully before you sign anything. Many of the smaller companies (not the bigger ones like Blue Cross or Aetna), have a stipulation about pre-existing conditions. However, if you've been covered without a lapse in the past, this stipulation should not apply. I've had type 1 diabetes for 10 years now, and I've never had a problem where I couldn't get coverage at all. I've switched companies numerous times. Some are better than others in regards as to how much they will cover (and how much their customer service is willing to help). I would still say your best bet is whatever the school carries. PM me if you have any specific questions (I highly doubt there are a lot of diabetics on this board...I'm the only one in my medical school as far as I know).