Diagnose my knee please

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I recently started playing football again after 6 months of doing nothing. All was going well for a few games, but now my left knee is popping when i bend it and it hurts when it cracks. Its also swollen on the outside and i feel like if i put too much pressure on it it will cave in. anyone got any ideas what could be wrong with it?

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Bad news, you need surgery - a lateral release.

Come on over, and I'll do it myself ;)

Edit: I didn't read thoroughly; chondromalachea is also a problem. Lets just go ahead and replace your patella. We'll use local so you can help.
Patellar dislocation anyone?
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Maybe you're just getting old.
Is it tender on the joint line? Does it feel like it locks? How swollen is it and how fast did it swell? Do you remember any specific mechanism of injury..cutting, twisting etc.? Or did it come on after you were done playing? It could be the meniscus.....possibly a subluxed patella, ACL, LCL sprain etc. Does it hurt to squat down? Patellofemoral syndrome wouldn't swell too much.
OK we are talking about my left knee here obviously on my left leg. When I put my leg straight and relax it, and when I push on the outside of my kneecap (pushing it toward the right leg), I feel pain and a clicking of bone or something. Its just below this spot where the swelling is. The injury just seemed to appear the day after I had been playing soccer, I noticed it was cracking, but then it appeared to become painful as it cracked, and then it got swollen. So it seems to be getting slowly worse. I dont remember what I did during the game, but I did not feel injured at any point during playing - I was just running around like a maniac like I always do. The knee doesnt really appear to lock.

And I am getting old, I will be 28 this July, but Im not ready to stop playing soccer.
Probably nothing too serious then. Most likely chondromalacia, patellar tracking problem, etc., Usually you won't get a whole lot of swelling, but it is possible to get some. Outside chance is still a meniscal problem. May not be a bad idea to get it checked out if it is really bothering you. Otherwise ice the heck out of it for the next week or so and give it a rest and see what happens. When feeling a little better start some quad strengthening exercises.
Get yourself to a physiotherapist. Sort of sounds like crepitus may have set in, and may not be an acute injury... do you use/bend your knee lots in your occupation or hobbies? Anyway, go see a professional...we can't really diagnose (nor should you trust online diagnoses) on here.