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I am a Med student from Portugal and I have to prepare a 10 minute presentation about the imaging findings and the possible of an abdominal CT that my teacher provided me. The thing is I am really terrible at this and I have spent ages looking at the pictures and I really have no idea of what is happening. Not even the medical/clinical history of the patient is helping. If I provide you the zip folder, could you please help me? I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance and kind regards


I forgot to add the medical/clinical history:

82 years old, subocclusive condition with 9 days of evolution, with vomiting and marked constipation. History of vesicular lithiasis.
What could this possibly be?


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Jan 25, 2007
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What is a a subocclusive condition? Partial small bowel obstruction?

What is vesicular lithiasis? Kidney stones?

Also no pics were attached.
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