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Did I make the best decision?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Challenge, Apr 30, 2000.

  1. Challenge

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    Mar 13, 2000
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    Hi I'm 24 who graduated from college majoring in health science in Dec.99 with overall GPA of 2.8.
    Actually my 1st and 2nd year, I got 2.98GPA but during jr. and senior, my GPA went down to 2.59. I know it's terrible to think when it comes to a final decision that I really want to become a medical doctor. But I've never thought of becoming a doctor. My goal was to go to physical therapy school but I had lack of motivation and weak knowledge to understand the reality of pursuiting the career as a physical therapist. But I've always had this potential desire to become a doctor but denied myself because I didn't have guts to try. I was more into party wasting my time.

    Now, it's been 5 month I have decided to become a doctor regretting my low GPA and retaking some science courses I got C before.
    I will also be taking many higher level courses such as immunology, biochem...etc while I'll be working full-time as a clinical tech. starting next week.
    I have prepared for MCAT since Jan. and will attend Kaplan this summer and take MCAT next April in the hopes of getting really high score. If I get really high score with almost all A's on my 30cr. science courses I take(some retakes) and also with my good medical & fitness experiences, I'm thinking to go head and apply med school next summer. But before I do that, I'm also preparing GRE to go to Public Health school for the 2001Fall in order to strenthen my application.(raising GPA etc) My question is if this is a best plan I can do in order to get into medical school, will I get accepted while I'm in grad school though it seems like I can't finish master degree until the medical school begins because of shortage of time.

    The other question is if I get to apply med school next summer around June/July, will those admission still consider my application if I asked them to review my grades in Dec 2001 for the courses I took in Fall? If they say 'yes', will this lowers chances for me to be accepted?
    I would be very appreciated if any of you can give me sincere advise. :)

    'Chances are made if you keep tyring and challenging'
    Helping patients Wannabe
  2. nicolette

    nicolette Member
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    Nov 6, 1999
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    If you're planning to start a masters program in public health, be prepared to finish it because it looks very bad to complete one year and bail. In fact, I've heard that some medical schools want you to finish whatever graduate program you're in before you start medical school.

    I'm not sure I understand your last question about reviewing your fall grades, but if you will be applying next summer, your AMCAS application will only contain the grades you have earned up to that point. You can always forward transcripts of new grades, but depending on the school, those grades may or maynot be reviewed. As far as I know, you can't ask schools to hold your application until future grades become available. Schools will start evaluating your application based on what you sumbit on the AMCAS application.

    Hope this helps.

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