Dental Did not take Orgo II, will i still be able to get into Dental school?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hey everyone/anyone,

I have a general question. How important is it to fulfill every single pre-requisite for dental school? Basically, do I have a chance of getting into dental school if I have not taken Orgo II?

Now, to get more specific, I graduated from an engineering school with a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering (5-year program: 4 years study, 1 year of co-op). My GPA is 3.76 and I am currently preparing to take the DAT at the end of June so don't have OC results to mention just yet. I currently work at a medical device company as an engineer, but I ultimately see myself bringing engineering solutions in the oral health field which is why I want to be a dentist, amongst other things. I believe I am well-rounded with my background and experience, but I am getting to the point of unnecessary stress by not being able to get an answer if my whole application is shot if I don't fulfill every single pre-req. I have listed the classes (not all) that I took below that are science-related (some that are engineering-based but are also heavy on science) and the resulting grade. I figured it would be helpful to give a shortlist of the classes I took as I am not sure if schools would consider those in regards to me not taking Orgo II.

- Transferred in GEN BIO I and II from AP BIO in HS

1st Year:
- GEN CHEM I Grade: A
- GEN CHEM II Grade: A
- University Physics I Grade: A

2nd Year:
- Cell & Molec. Bio for Engineers I Grade: A
- University Physics II Grade: B- (very difficult course, almost everyone does/did bad)
- Cell & Molec. Bio for Engineers II Grade: A-
- Biosystems Process Analysis Grade: A
- Biomechanics and Biomaterials Grade: A

3rd Year:
- Orgo Chem I Grade: A
- Biocompatibility & Immune System Grade: A
- Systems Physiology I Grade: A

4th Year:
- Systems Physiology II Grade: B+
- Orgo Chem II, Withdrew as I had personal problems that arose this semester, term GPA also took a hit (3.59)
- Medical Device Engineering Grade: A-

5th Year:
- Hemodynamics Grade: A
- Biochem I Grade: A-
- Descriptive Inorganic Chem Grade: A-
- Tissue Engineering Grade: A

Thanks in advance!

Edit: to add on, I did not include any English classes as I also completed that requirement. I am not worried about that.
Not sure... depends on the school. Focus on your DAT and do well.

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Your grades are solid however none of us know that answer. It may depend on the school on how lenient they are. Personally I would contact the school. If you need to take it, then take it and ace it and apply.
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