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Sep 28, 2002
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As a pre-optometry advisior, I've promised all the pre-optometry students in my school that after taking the OAT, I'll help them with their OAT preparation. I'm gonna develop a study plan for them. Here's the three things that i have in mind. Read these and let me know what u think of it.

1. A daily and weekly schedule.
2. Good *** Test prepartion materials.
3. What to study? And how to study it ?

1. daily and weekly schedule.
I think they should schedule about 30 hours a week for 2 months.
Do u guys think 4 hours a day is enough or is it too much?

2. What about preparation materials. ( I need help with this)
I used Examkrackers (mcat ) books , kaplan book and ScholarWare software.
I think ScholarWare software is good but it was harder than the actual OAT.

3. What to study and how to study?
I think I know what I'm gonna talk about in here...However if u have any good suggestions feel free to added it in here.

( plz, make sure that you post ur suggestions )
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