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difference between gross and functional anatomy; should undergrads take anatomy?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Yogi Bear, Jan 19, 2002.

  1. Yogi Bear

    Yogi Bear 2K Member
    7+ Year Member

    Oct 11, 2001
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    I was wondering what the difference between gross anatomy and functional anatomy was. Also, how tough was your medical school course? For those who took anatomy as an undergrad, did it help u a lot?
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  3. LR6SO4

    LR6SO4 Senior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Jun 21, 2001
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    The differences between Gross and Functional anatomy are kind of blurred to me. Functional focuses on what the structure does, but you still have to identify the structure. Gross focuses on the structure, but you still have to know what it does.

    I took Anatomy as an undergrad and also TA'd it. I can't really say how much it helped in medschool. Like all undergrad coursework you become familiar with the terminology and how stuff works. This may be helpful for medschool. You're not going to remember all of the muscles in the arm, for instance, but if you take it before hand you will know that it is complex and that some make the fingers go up, others down.

    As for medschool anatomy, it was my MOST feared course before first year. I thought how will I ever be able to memorize all that stuff? But it turned out to be my best! I even honored it. It's not that bad and it breaks itself down into very small and manageable chunks. It is also the time in medschool where you really know that 'this is it, this is medschool'! When you walk into that cadaver lab for the first time you realize that you have entered a profession that sees and does things that the general public never will. At least that's what I felt. Don't worry about Gross, everyone in my class passed first time no problem.

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