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    Ok. I am interested in 3 different forms of surgery and am having a hard time gathering them all up into one source. If others could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. I am considering the following fields: Plastic Surgery, Caridovascular Surgery, and Neurosurgery... along with those, I am considering Anesthesiology.

    I am looking to know the following: (1) What are the hours like of the average __________? (2) What is the pay like? (3) How secure is the field? For example, in 10-20 years, how will the industry for that field look?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would check out FREIDA (search for it on google). It has all that you want except the "security of the field". Anesthesia is very secure, however it has the highest unemployment rate of any specialty. You are either making bank or you don't have a job. Neurosurg is very secure, and plastics is the fastest growing field of surgery right now.

    Cardiac Surgery is getting hammered. Right now with all the new interventional stuff, they are doing CABGX3+ or valve replacements. In two to three years a study will come out looking at 3 vessel stenting with drug eluting stents and this could take the CABGX3 away, leaving them with CABGX4-7. This will dramatically cut volume. There are also experiments with endovascular valve replacement, which has been successful. So this leaves CT with valves that are very severe. The need for Cardiac surgeons is going to decrease. However the one stipulation to this is that 50% of cardiac surgeons are retiring in 5 years. So it is hard to say where the dust will settle as far as volume.

    Thoracic surgeons are doing fine, as they don't have endovascular cures for lung and esophageal cancer. There is also cardiac/pulomary transplant which is a cool and growing field.
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    I agree with masonator. check out FRIEDA for most of your information.
    For work hours, as a resident (according to ACGME) it's 80 hrs /week for every one.

    For attending income, check out http://www.salary.com

    As an attending
    Anesthesia probably least # of hours
    Plastics is variable, you can work as hard as you want to. Generally you cases are scheduled and elective. Almost never have to come in in the middle of the night. (This is cosmetic I'm talking about, reconstructive is different, they work harder for less money)

    Cardiac Surgeons and Neurosurgeons are the hardest working. You will be coming in at night if you do one of these professions. Cardiac surgeons will likely come in at least once every couple of weeks for rebleeding after their cases and then a couple of times a year for aortic disections and other emergency cases.

    Neurosurgeons come in at night mostly for trauma

    Anesthesia is shift work kind of. You have to come in at night when there is surgery but most practices have a rule where if you are on call that night, you don't come in the day of you call until like 4 pm and you don't have to stay the next day so it's pretty cush.

    hope this helps

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