different types of q-bank?

coconut lime

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Dec 4, 2003
    i recently contacted kaplan about purchasing q-bank and found out that there are different TYPES that you can get....i never knew this before! the one that sounds interesting to me is the "integrated vignettes qbank," where you can choose a particular symptom and it will ask you about topics related to that symptom, in effect helping you through the thought process. does anybody have thoughts on this, or the other "types?" what is the "type" that most people get?


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    Apr 6, 2000
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      I've heard first hand from many many folks that the vignette Qbank (qbank IV or something) is USELESS. many of the questions are just repeats of regular qbank and i haven't heard anybody say that they are a good thing to do. I am sticking to Qbank.

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      dermatome S5

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      Nov 4, 2002
        I bought the 6 month Q Review because it was on sale and I didn't know better so I have been going through IV Q bank for a couple of months. My test isnt until the first week of June and I really dont feel like studying so I have taken about 800 IV questions in my spare time. I think it has helped me because I look at the questions I get wrong---the more times I see some little, insignificant concept, the more likely I am to remember it later. Plus I am saving qbank for later when I actually get serious. Anyone use IV qbank to prepare for the test? What was your score correlation?


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          It's true that IV Q-Bank may help one prepare for the "clinicalesque" thinking required for step 1. I'm from a problem based curriculum, and probably a biased in that regard. I certainly meant no offense to anyone that has found the IV Q-Bank helpful. It's just that, given the short amount of time one has to prepare for the boards, I really feel that there are much better sources of MCQs.

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