Dilemma: Have the Kaplan, TPR, and EK Books...but...


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May 26, 2008
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    Hey guys,

    I guess I'm at a dilemma about what I should do. I managed to acquire books from all three testing companies, and I'm not sure in deciding what to do next. (besides studying...obviously)

    I studied a decent chunk of time over the summer, but I didn't end up taking the test because I didn't feel confident enough to pull through with it.

    The problems are these issues:
    1) If I have all these materials...should I even take a class? I heard that the online Kaplan isn't bad...and they give you a lot of material to work with (qBank)...but then again..three sets of mcat books might be enough to work with too, right? haha

    2) Having these materials...obviously some places use a particular strategy (like EK's verbal versus TPR or Kaplan)...do you think it'll mess me up to use all three materials?

    3) Let's say I don't take an online class. But do you think the qBank would still be worth it? (Or would it just be better to buy the aamc tests instead)

    I guess I'm thinking of these because I talked to an adviser today, and he insisted for me to take a prep course, because he says, "it seems like everyone is doing it these days...that wasn't true back when I was applying"...Problem is...it's 2K for the class, and I am afraid that I'm going to get sucked into the mindset that going to class=better score, where even in school I hardly get anything from lecture, and I get the most from studying with my notes and reviewing alone.

    I think I've convinced myself that I want to study alone, but I guess I'm just still nervous about "Could the prep class really make a difference that I'm missing out on? "

    Anyway, thanks. Posts on SDN have always been very insightful-keep it up guys!
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