DILEMMA! Help me rank!

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Aug 8, 2005
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4 programs really considering

1. U. of Chicago :D but cold and sick of Chicago
2. Mayo-Rochester :D but freezing and boring town!
3. Mayo-Scottsdale :D the best compromise?
4. Scripps Green/Mercy in SD :love: but can't afford to live there!

Others (for fun) - UIC, Minnesota, Evanston NH, Hawaii, Baylor (Dallas), Loyola.

Any help would be appreciated. :idea: I don't know if I want to go to a fellowship or not but would like to keep door open!



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Jan 20, 2006
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I would actually rank them in the order you put them (UChicago, Mayo-Rochester, Mayo-Scottsdale, Scripps).

The only question is can you tolerate the weather or not. I don't think you'll necessarily destroy hopes of fellowship at these places, though the question of how competitive of a fellowship and how likely you are to match may make the difference between these places depending on what you choose to end up doing. But I don't think you're shutting the door on fellowship opportunities either at any of these places.

You have to ask yourself how important things like the weather and stuff are.

With that,

Baylor is a pretty good program I think? That could be a nice compromise between weather and reputation? I figure UIC, Minnesota and the others would raise the same problems.

Also, I think Hawaii is a somewhat respected program? Not really sure of how they match fellowship-wise though. But that would really be fun and great weather too!