Disadvantaged + undergrad loans--can i still pay for school??


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May 23, 2009
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    I was really hoping I could get some advice on what to do...I am starting my second year at my university and dead set on pre-med. I have a political science major and a biology minor and really no back up plan if anything goes wrong with applying for a DO school.

    I come from a disadvantaged background and am going to university on stafford loans, scholarships and grants. At the rate this economy is going I don't know how I would be able to take out loans for medical school cause i know i will be in debt from undergrad. even for the applicaiton process itself-i was planning on doing the application waivers for the. I work part time and do ECs too but have trouble saving up since I had to pay for summer school tuition cause i was denied for a loan and i pay rent and bills as well. The only thing i really am set on saving up for is a Kaplan course for the MCAT so i have at least something safe to fall on. Will i be able to take out more loans at all? Should I be saving more money for med school? Should i take a year off to work and save up?

    Thanks a lot-its really a struggle for me since the only thing that makes me reconsider med school is being able to financially afford it yet i still dont think about it. should i take a harder look at reality?


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    Mar 28, 2008
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      1) be more confident (a less charitable way to put it would be, stop whining about having difficulty saving up for app fees, being from a disadvantaged background, having to pay rent and school costs, having nothing to fall back on.) To be a successful applicant you must be positive that you are the Best, G*** D*** applicant that the school could accept, and be willing to prove it through your accomplishments.

      2) Look into the aamc.org web site to confirm that your parents would be considered disadvantaged for aamc primary application purposes; if so, 13 schools will be "free" to apply to for primaries, and most schools in general will waive secondary fees

      3) I took Kaplan and really question the value. I'd suggest seriously considering not taking this class.

      4) I presume you're aware of financial aid maximums for health sciences students? If not, research this to make sure you're aware of maximum loan amounts, how staffords/grad + loans combine to assist students pay for med school. Other undergrads who go to med school, often, also have student loans from the undergrad years. Generally this won't preclude med school attendance.


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      May 26, 2005
        generally, if you are accepted into a med. school, you can be pretty sure there will be loans for you to use. (generally). You may have a higher interest rate going for the loans. There is also the options of millitary service if you can't take out any loans at all.

        If I am understanding your situation right, you are taking courses outside of school undergrad. or professional program (ie: taking classes after you have completed your B.S. degree.) if that is the case, work as hard as you can. I know its hard (been there). Arrange to live at home or share room with ppl. There are always ways to cut cost, just depends if you are willing.

        Anyways, good luck on your journey.
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