Discovered one of my letters lacked a signature/letterhead - do I now email every school about it?


2+ Year Member
Oct 2, 2016
My app appears to be complete at all DO schools (except MU-COM) and I have a few invites. Recently sent out my MD apps and they're now just starting to get complete as well. Strangely enough, MU-COM was the only school that left me incomplete, and when I finally got a response back from them, they told me one of my prof letters had no signature or letterhead.

Do I now need to email every school I applied to that I haven't heard back from yet and see if I need to send them the updated letter? Seems kind of weird that some schools already gave me an II. Now I'm paranoid because instead of telling me, MU-COM just sat on my letter and never informed me of the issue until I inquired a few times about it. Now I have no idea if the same thing is happening at other places that might preclude me from moving forward in the process?
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